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  1. Marco's Restaurant
    These LIVE Webcams is brought to you by Marco's in West Hollywood. Take a peek into our dining room at our new location. [details]
    http://marcoswesthollywood.com/webcam/ [x]

  2. Adelaide
    Mounted on the Adelaide Town Hall bell tower, this camera gives a great view of the popular meeting place of Victoria Square with the picturesque Adelaide Hills in the background. [details]
    http://www.cityofadelaide.com.au/attractions/webcams/bell-tower-south.html [x]

  3. Buenos Aires en vivo
    The avenue of theater "Flow", the symbol of the city that never sleeps, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Webcam is a Windows Media streaming video. [details]
    http://www.newcartransfer.com.ar/camaras_en_vivo/index.html [x]

  4. Mar del Plata, Plaza Colon
    First camara of Mar del Plata in getting a live image to the Internet. Displays an image from a height of Plaza Colon, Casino Building Central and Bristol Beach. It is the center of town!. The image is updated every 30 seconds [details]
    http://www.mardelplatawebcam.com.ar/camara_en_vivo/plaza_colon/ [x]

  5. Batumi live
    Live view of the Batumi Boulevard in Georgia overlooking the city. Images are flash streaming. [details]
    http://www.livegeorgia.ge/en/batumi-live/boulevard.html [x]

  6. Rivne Traffic Cam
    Aerial view of a traffic cam located on a busy street in Rivne, Ukraine. Webcam image updates every 1-3 seconds. [details]
    http://www.rivne.org/webcam4.htm [x]

  7. Kharkiv, Ukraine webcam
    Streaming webcam located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Watch people come and go in Libery Square. [details]
    http://webcams.ukrtelecom.ua/ [x]

  8. Istanbul Traffic Cameras
    75 traffic cams scattered all around the city of Alisamiyen, Turkey. Most webcams are Windows Media streaming, other webcam images update every 3-5 seconds. [details]
    http://tkm.ibb.gov.tr/yolDurumu/Kameralar.aspx [x]

  9. Weather station Vrhnika
    This is live web cam from Slovenia, that's refreshed every 15 minutes. Each time there is new weather radar picture, as well new weather data and as well new forecast for the next 48 hours [details]
    http://www.unitermal.com/ [x]

  10. Nove Zamky
    Nove Zamky is a city in the south-west of Slovakia. This camera is located in the City of New Lock, installed in the main square, allowing virtual visitors to see the square, which is the hub of the city. Webcam image updates every 10 seconds. [details]
    http://www.novezamky.sk/kamera/index_k.shtml [x]

  11. Craiova Cam
    Aerial webcam located in the heart of a square in Craiova, Romania. Watch people come and go and get a glimpse into their daily lives. Image updates every second. [details]
    http://www.fantanamuzicala.ro/live.htm [x]

  12. Bucharest, Traffic Cam
    Live traffic cam on Turda Street in Bucharest Romania. Webcam images are streaming. [details]
    http://www.livetraffic.ro/pgrant/ [x]

  13. Roman Bridge
    Live scenic view from the Verdeland office in the center of Tavira Portugal looking towards the harbor. Images update every minute. [details]
    http://www.verdeland.com/live-webcam-tavira-algarve-portugal.html [x]

  14. Lajes Do Pico
    A whale watching webcam in the middle of the Azores sea of the Atlantic ocean located on the island of Lajes do Pico, off the mainland of Portugal. [details]
    http://www.espacotalassa.com/webc/index.html [x]

  15. Koszalin Live
    Ever been to Poland? Want to go back? Too far? Check out the city of Koszalin in northern Poland, 6km from the Baltic Sea. Streaming video. [details]
    http://www.koszalin.com.pl/88-Kamera_On-line.html [x]

  16. Panevezys cam
    Broadcasting from Panevezys Freedom Square, near the municipality. The project was completed in Panevezys Municipality in cooperation with the TEO LT, AB. As stated by the Mayor of Panevezys Matuzas Vitas, the project aims to promote the city of Panevezys among Internet users. [details]
    http://www.zebra.lt/webcams/konsole/?msg_id=28 [x]

  17. Riga live cam
    The most popular interest places in Latvia. Views on Riga, Central Station. [details]
    http://www.balticcatalogue.com/cam1_lat.html [x]

  18. The Kotel cam
    This page presents to you an image of the kotel in Jerusalem, Israel. This is a very importent place to many people in the world. Check out this amazing view. Image updates every 5 seconds [details]
    http://www.aish.co.il/w/ [x]

  19. Sea of Galilee
    Amazing Sea of Galilee Live View from Tiberias, Israel. [details]
    http://www.thegalileeexperience.com/store/live-webcam-from-the-sea-of-galilee/info_6.html [x]

  20. Live Ireland
    Live Dublin webcams from all around the city! Check out what's going on this great Irish City. [details]
    http://www.liveireland.com/webcams.shtml [x]

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