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  1. Nagoya Aquarium
    Take a virtual visit to Nagoya Aquarium, where you can see various aquatic attractions such as seals, turtles, dolphins, and other visitor. [details]
    http://town.commufa.jp/channel/aquarium/aurora.html [x]

  2. Takachiho Gorge
    Located in the Miyazaki Prefecture, this webcam looks out toward Takachiho Gorge in the southern part of town, a famous tourist attraction in the area. Features various presets you can look at during your session. [details]
    http://www.town-takachiho.jp/culture/livecam/takachihokyo.html [x]

  3. Dental Office K Live Cam
    Online since 1996, this was first dental office camera in the world. Peer into the office and see what's going on. [details]
    http://cam.f-arts.co.jp/ [x]

  4. Kamikochi Kappa Bridge
    Kamikochi is a remote mountainous highland in the western portion of Nagano Prefecture, Japan, which has been preserved in its natural state. [details]
    http://www.gosenjaku.co.jp/kamikochi/livecamera.html [x]

  5. Aizu-Wakamatsu Station
    This webcam gives you a glimpse of the Aizu-Wakamatsu Station, located near Fukushima, Japan. Presented in Flash streaming video. [details]
    http://www.nttfukushima.com/live/jr_aizu/Default.html [x]

  6. Tokai University Milking Barn
    Get an up close and personal look at a milking barn, located in Tokai University, Japan. Features several angles in the barn, including a birthing area, where pregnant cows are brought to give birth. Camera images update every 30 seconds. [details]
    http://www2.ktokai-u.ac.jp/~animal/webcam/cn25/cow.html [x]

  7. Tokyo Sky Tree
    The Tokyo Sky Tree is a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower located in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan, and is currently the 2nd tallest structure in the world. Webcam is Flash streaming video. [details]
    http://www.dh-ryogoku.com/skytree/ [x]

  8. Akihabara Radio Kaikan
    These two Rajikame studio webcams are situated on the top of Akihabara Radio Kaikan, giving you a bird's-eye-view of the streets and area. [details]
    http://www.radiokaikan.jp/radicame/ [x]

  9. Takayama City
    This camera looks out toward Hida-Takayama ,Japan and the surrounding area. Features archive photos from previous hours as well as 12 and 24 hours ago. Webcam image updates every 5-15 seconds. [details]
    http://koitoyaki.com/livecam/ [x]

  10. Tokyo live cam, Japan
    Webcam from Tokyo city Japan, view on the Times Tower. Image updates every 5 second. [details]
    http://tokyo.ploks.com [x]

  11. Myoukou City Webcam
    Mountains and the cityscape Myoukou view from the top branch Tae Takashi Sekiyama. Images update every 10 minutes. [details]
    http://www.city.myoko.niigata.jp/guide_city/livecam/04.html [x]

  12. Daikon Florist Cam
    Watch the customers come and go in this florist located in Daikon-Jima Island in Japan. Control, tilt and zoom this camera to customize your favorite angle. Images update every second. [details]
    http://www.town.yatsuka.shimane.jp/livecam/stera.html [x]

  13. Kamakura Live Beach Cam
    Overlook the scenic landscape of Shichirigahama live beach camera located in Kamakura, Japan. Images are flash streaming. [details]
    http://usa-beach.com/index.php/camera-1/live.html [x]

  14. Mt. Fuji Live Webcam
    Enjoy this spectacular panoramic view of a 24 hour live web cam of Mt. Fuji, Yokohama. Images update every minute. [details]
    http://live-fuji.jp/fuji/livee.htm [x]

  15. Fish Tank Webcam
    A simple view of a personal fishtank in Japan. You might even hear it bubbling and catch someone cleaning it or feeding the fishes. [details]
    http://ftp.pookaboy.com:8080/webcam.html [x]

  16. Shibuya Koen Dori
    Here you will have three different cameras placed around Shibuya to choose from. [details]
    http://www.koen-dori.com/townmap/camera/camera3.html [x]

  17. Tatsurou Sushi restaurant
    This is unique! The sushi restaurant Tatsurou offers a live broadcast of its chefs making sushi. Make sure to check it during business hours. [details]
    http://www.eva.hi-ho.ne.jp/su-ta-/indexe.html [x]

  18. Asakusa - Houzomon Gate at Sensoji Temple
    Here is a live camera feed of a temple in the Asakusa area. [details]
    http://www.ematsuri.ne.jp/sanja/live.html [x]

  19. Shibuya Station
    The famous Shibuya station. This feed doesn't really offer much other than a look at the human traffic in front of Shibuya Station. Click the arrows at the bottom to switch the angle direction. [details]
    http://www.sibch.tv/share/contents/livecamera/ekimae.html [x]

  20. Shinjuku Ohdoori
    Here are two live cam feeds that are pretty amazing actually. They might be the best ones I've seen of Tokyo. Click the color panels at the bottom of the video screen to switch the camera angle live. These two views provide an amazing look at Shinjuku station and the area around it. [details]
    http://www.shinjuku-ohdoori.jp/livecamera.html [x]

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