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  1. Perros Guirec
    HD live streaming from the seafront of Perros Guirec, auto-pans from side to side giving you a great view of the ocean waves and rocky coastline. [details]
    http://www.vision-environnement.com/web/webcam-perros-guirec/ [x]

  2. Dourbie Valley
    The view is from a terrace located in the southern region of France, in Nant. Offers a scenic view of this quiet vista, the rolling hills and the mountains in the distance. Updates every 5-10 minutes. [details]
    http://www.casteldecantobre.co.uk/cam.shtml [x]

  3. Saint-Jouin-Bruneval
    See picturesque beaches and tourists enjoying the ocean at this Saint-Jouin-Bruneval, Normandy beachfront. Camera is Flash streaming video. [details]
    http://www.st-jouin-bruneval.fr/webcam_stjouin_plage.php [x]

  4. Live view from a weather station located in Cernay, France. Features a time-lapse movie of the last 24 hours, as well as up to date weather information. Updates every 5-15 seconds. [details]
    http://www.meteo-cernay.fr/wxcam2.php [x]

  5. Webcam de Troyes
    A great view, with streaming video, from the main city center of Troyes, France. Image updates every 3-5 seconds. [details]
    http://www.vision-environnement.com/webcams/Troyes/webcam_Troyes.php [x]

  6. Mattced Dot Com
    Around on the web since 2001, visit this bilingual website and webcam of Matthew and Cedric, an American/French couple living in Paris. Webcam image updates every 15-30 seconds. [details]
    http://www.mattced.com/?lg=en&p=4 [x]

  7. House in France Cam
    http://www.huisinfrankrijk.com/ [x]

  8. Les Houches Village
    Live Webcam, showing Les Houches village centre and ski area including La Verte Des Houches home of the Kandahar, Men's Alpine Skiing World Cup competition in the CHAMONIX valley. Camera updates every minute. [details]
    http://www.chamonixweekends.com/les_houches_village_webcam.htm [x]

  9. Parc of the Eu's Castle
    http://www.vision-normandie.com/webcams/Eu/webcam_Eu.php [x]

  10. St. Barts Cam
    This HD webcam brings amazing views of St. Barts in France. Located at the La Plage restaurant, this beach cam is overlooking St. Jean, a district of St. Barts in the Caribbean. This location is one of the best known beaches on the island to see windsurfers, vacationers and much more! [details]
    http://www.earthcam.com/frenchwestindies/stbarts/ [x]

  11. St. Barts Webcam
    From the top of Lurin in St Barts French West Indies, the view includes the airstrip, St-Jean's Bay and salt pond, islands to the north, and, on a very clear day, a glimpse of Anguilla on the horizon. [details]
    http://www.st-barths.com/en/saint-barthelemy-guide/st-barts-webcam.html [x]

  12. Meteo Sain Bel
    Webcam and personal weather station from Sain Bel, France located a couple of km from Lyon. Weather data 24/7 including temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction. Weather database available. [details]
    http://jerome.piche.free.fr/ [x]

  13. LIVE webcams from French Polynesia
    Take a look at our live web cams from the main French Polynesia Islands. We also have a web cam on the Aremiti 5 fast ferry between Tahiti and Moorea. [details]
    http://www.tahiti-and-vacation.com/webcam/ [x]

  14. Port of Marseille
    Live web cam monitoring the security of the Port of Marseille. This camera overlooks the boat and traffic pattern, Images are streaming video. [details]
    http://viewsurf.com/vue-1012-Marseille_-_Embarcadere_des_Iles.html [x]

  15. Audierne Port Cam
    View this live webcam of Audierne Port. The port is in the city of Audierne, France overlooking the boats and security of the dock. [details]
    http://www.audierne.eu/ [x]

  16. Le Puy en Velay Cam
    Check out this beautiful overview over the city Le Puy en Velay in France overlooking the mountains and city beneath them. Images update every 3-5 seconds. [details]
    http://www.ot-lepuyenvelay.fr/webcam.php [x]

  17. French Riviera Cams
    Two webcams on the Riviera in Cannes Mandelieu and Antibes Sophia Antipolis (French Riviera). Sophia Antipolis is on the Riviera with a side of the bay of Antibes. Mandelieu la Napoule with sea view and overview of the Casino Royal. [details]
    http://webcam.ibou.fr/ [x]

  18. Viewsurf Panorama
    Check out this live panoramic web cam of the different views in the city Nice and its sublime Bay of Angels! Images update every hour from 5am-5pm. Video is streaming video. [details]
    http://pv.viewsurf.com/?id=23 [x]

  19. Eiffel Tower Streaming Cam
    This streaming camera transports you from wherever you are to the Eiffel Tower enabling you to be there live. Paris seems to be on everyone's "get to" list but until then enjoy the live feel from this webcam. [details]
    http://www.earthcam.com/france/paris/?cam=eiffeltower_hd [x]

  20. Val d'Isere Webcams
    Two panoramic web cams of Solaise viewing the ski resorts. Tip, to see this image at it's best look at it in " Full Screen" Images update ever 5-10 minutes. [details]
    http://www.val.co.uk/webcam.htm [x]

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