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  1. India Live Webcam
    LiveIndiaCam.com & Live Eyes India brings you live views from a small town in India. This is the first project of its kind in India, and over the coming months this cam will bring you live shots from all over India. [details]
    http://www.liveindiacam.com [x]

  2. Hungary Aqua-World
    Aerial view of the Aqua-world webcam water park, located in Budapest, Hungary. Check out all the patrons having a splashing good time as they enjoy the pools. Webcam image updates every 15 seconds. [details]
    http://www.aqua-world.hu/hu/webcam [x]

  3. [details]
    http://www.vac.hu/index.php?page=webkamera [x]

  4. Acropolis webcam
    Acropolis from the rooftop of the Hellenic Foundation on Vass. Amalias Avenue in Athens. The street in the middle of the webcam view is Lysikratus street with the Monument of Lysikratus. It continues into Tripodon Street leading up and around the north side of the Acropolis to the entrance. [details]
    http://www.athensinfoguide.com/wcv/wcacropse.htm [x]

  5. Munster Rathaus
    Best view to the city hall, located in Munster, Germany. Also features several views of Germany, and the local streets around it. Webcam images update every second. [details]
    http://www.blickpunkt-muenster.de/index.php?cno=1 [x]

  6. Meribel town centre
    A superb view from Hotel Le Doron overlooking the square in the very centre of Meribel. To the right hand side is the Tourist Office and the main Post Office. Often in the late afternoons live bands or street entertainers can be seen in the square in front. [details]
    http://www.merinet.com/webcam/meribel/16 [x]

  7. Keskisuomalainen
    http://www.ksml.fi/video-kuva/webkamerat/vesilinna/ [x]

  8. Tallinn, Estonia
    Streaming video of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, situated in the north. [details]
    http://gw.tallinnlv.ee:11082/view/view.shtml [x]

  9. Copenhagen Airport camera
    Camera 1 is located on a mast at gate A12 in Copenhagen Airport. The camera is placed 8 metres above the ground. Updates every 5, 10 or 15 seconds - you choose! [details]
    http://www.cph.dk/CPH/UK/MAIN/Virtual+Airport/Web+cameras/ [x]

  10. Karlovy Vary Cam
    Live cam from spa city Karlovy Vary ( Carlsbad ) - Czech Republic. The cam shows Thermal hotel and swimming pool, Imperial hotel, spa center etc. Features multiple presets that zoom in and out and focus on on the sites of interest. Webcam is a streaming jpeg image. [details]
    http://www.karlovy-vary.cz/cz/webkamery-karlovy-vary [x]

  11. Samobor Weather Cam
    Live view of Samobor, Croatia located at a personal weather station. This camera presets two views of the area, along with updated weather and sky conditions. Image updates every 5-10 minutes. [details]
    http://www.pljusak.com/samobor1/wx.htm [x]

  12. Numinous Vancouver Webcam
    A High definition webcam view of Vancouver, Canada, West End from Kitsilano. [details]
    http://www.numinous.ca/WebcamPage.htm [x]

  13. Burgas, Bulgaria City Center
    Aerial view of the town center of Burgas, located in Bulgaria City. Webcam image streams every second or faster. [details]
    http://www.burgas.bg/bg/index/camera [x]

  14. Minsk webcam
    Webcam is located on the building of Minsk city Executive Committee. [details]
    http://minsk.gov.by/ru/webcam/ [x]

  15. Bobruysk city
    This webcam is located at nearby Belarus, which is in Bobruysk city. Catch a glimpse of the normal day to day things from the area. Webcam image updates every 10 second. [details]
    http://bobruisk.by/webcam/ [x]

  16. Live webcams in Medjugorje
    These live views come from two cameras located on the front of St James Church, Medjugorje, Bosnia. Images update every minute. [details]
    http://www.davidtlig.org.uk/webcam.html [x]

  17. Brugge Market
    Live views of the Brugge Market in Belgium. Image updates every 10 seconds. [details]
    http://www.comitevoorinitiatief.be/webcam/ [x]

  18. Westerschelde Estuary
    The webcam offers live images of the Scheldt estuary. Some 150 vessels pass this point daily to and from the ports of Antwerp and Ghent (Belgium) and Terneuzen and Flushing (The Netherlands). [details]
    http://www.zeegat.nl/ [x]

  19. Hallstatt / Salzkammergut Panorama
    Pictures scenic view of Hallstatt in Austria, with Lake Hallstatt and surrounding mountains. Webcam image updates every 5-10 minutes. [details]
    http://www.hallstatt.net/webcam/action/view/webcamId/1 [x]

  20. Prishtine Cam
    Camera located in the heart of Prishtine, Kosovo, with a view of the city and its skyline. This cam will rotate between several presets to give you a full view of the area. Image updates every second. [details]
    http://www.ipko.net/ipko_portal/site/index.php?p=29 [x]

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