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  1. Kastelokampos-Patras- Greece
    http://ozia.net/rio/ [x]

  2. Kato Trikala Korinthias
    The camera is located at kato Trikala Korinthias [details]
    http://www.trikalakorinthias.gr/web-camera/kato-sinikia [x]

  3. Mesea Trikala Korinthias
    The camera is located at mesea Trikala Korinthias [details]
    http://www.trikalakorinthias.gr/web-camera/mesea-synoikia [x]

  4. Ano Trikala Korinthias
    The camera is located at ano Trikala Korinthias [details]
    http://www.trikalakorinthias.gr/web-camera/ano-synikia [x]

  5. Mania Apartments Scenic Cam
    Live view from the balcony of Maniapartments.gr webcam. Features a picturesque and scenic view of the bay and sunsets when it gets dark. Updates every second. [details]
    http://maniapartments.gr/?section=webcam&lang=en [x]

  6. Sivota
    Sivota in idyllic, the beautiful and cosmopolitan view of the Ionian Village, the apartments are "VILLA SANDY". The webcam faces northwest toward the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas. Updates every 5-10 minutes. [details]
    http://www.aquariustravel.gr/?com=content&id=1331505033 [x]

  7. Mount Erymanthos
    Located in Kalavryta, Greece, these two stunning cameras offer a glimpse of Mount Erymanthos in the distance. Updates every 15-30 seconds. [details]
    http://users.uoa.gr/~george/newsite/wxindex.php [x]

  8. Web Camera in Katakolo Port, Greece
    Weather Web Camera in Katakolo Port, Pirgos Prefecture of Ilia, Greece, situated 2 meters above sea level. Camera updates every 15-30 seconds. [details]
    http://penteli.meteo.gr/stations/katakolo/camera.htm [x]

  9. Zakynthos town
    Check out Zakynthos Harbour & Agios Dionysios Church at located in the town of Zakynthos, Greece. Updates every minute. [details]
    http://www.gozakynthos.gr/live/agios.dionysios.zante.town.webcam.php [x]

  10. Smolikas Mountain
    This is a fully automated solar powered webcam located on Smolikas Mountain, at an altitude of 2150 meters. Webcam image updates every hour. [details]
    http://www.extremeweather.gr/smolikas/camera.html [x]

  11. Marmari Harbor
    Live image from the Port of Marmari, looking at the ferry boats between Central Greece and South Evia. Images are updating every minute. [details]
    http://in-karystos.gr/timetables-marmari.html [x]

  12. Port of Karystos
    Live image from the port of Karystos monitoring the security of all the boats in the harbor. Images are renewed every 5 seconds. [details]
    http://www.in-karystos.gr/weather/forecast.html [x]

  13. Pramanta Ioannina
    The camera sees the Village of Pramanta and the top Strogoula 2.112m Images are updated every 5-15 seconds. [details]
    http://penteli.meteo.gr/stations/pramanta/camera.htm [x]

  14. Nea Makri Weather Webcam
    Weather Webcam monitoring the forecast in Nea Makri (Agia Marina), State of Attiki, Greece. Images are updating every 15 seconds. [details]
    http://penteli.meteo.gr/stations/neamakri/camera.htm [x]

  15. St. John Pelion Webcam
    Anesis Hotel brings you a webcam overlooking the Seaside resort of St John, looking in the north direction, looking towards the Aegean. Images are updated every 15-30 seconds. [details]
    http://www.meteovolos.gr/cameraaigianni.htm [x]

  16. Paros Punta Kite Spot
    Live view of the Paros Punta Kite Spot overlooking the beach and kite flying in Greece. Webcams refresh update every 3 seconds. [details]
    http://www.beachreport.gr/?page_id=409 [x]

  17. Mykonos Paradise Beach Cam
    Sit back and relax! Enjoy the calmness offered by one of the most famous beaches of the world, Mykonos paradise beach. Refresh update every 30 seconds. [details]
    http://www.beachreport.gr/?page_id=282 [x]

  18. Florina City
    The city of Florina is the metropol city of Florina state in the West Makedonia in Greece. Is a very green and quite place with 12.000 people of the 54.000 which is the total state. [details]
    http://www.e-florina.gr/?p=16442 [x]

  19. Markopoulo Mesogaias, Greece
    Live camera from Markopoulo Mesogaias, Greece monitoring the weather forecast and dew points. Images are updated every 3-5 seconds. [details]
    http://www.liveweather.gr/ [x]

  20. Malta Cams
    One camera is overlooking the majestic Grand Harbour with views of Valletta, Senglea and the Cruise terminal. The other camera is located at Golden Bay - one of Malta's most beautiful sandy beaches. [details]
    http://www.visitmalta.com/webcam [x]

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